Why use VPS rather than shared web hosting?

Shared web hosting is the most popular and primary option for website owners. It is cheap it is perfectly enough for static websites or sites with low traffic so ideal for a start-up business. It is shared because your site shares the resources (RAM, memory, CPU and bandwidth) with other websites.

If all goes well and your business grows you will run into the limits and possible security problems of a shared hosting. A bigger site needs more resources and your site's performance will be affected by the needs of other sites on the same server. Above all, if there is a malicious attack on one of the sites that is on the same server as yours your site might be endangered as well.

Enhanced security and performance

If your site already exceeded the options offered by shared hosting or you plan to expand your business in the future then VPS is an ideal pick. VPS is a virtual private server that is created on a physical server. Technically, more virtual servers use the resources of one server. However, the amount of resource that is allotted to your VPS is only yours.

Thus, websites hosted on VPS are more reliable and faster. Your site isn't affected by the traffic of other sites. You are granted root access so data stored on your VPS is more secure. If you need more resources you can easily scale or upgrade to a bigger plan and VPS is still cheaper than a dedicated server.

All together, with VPS you get almost all the advantages of a dedicated server.


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