Smart CPU Core

In our opinion VPS is taking over the popularity of shared hosting. Although shared hosting is a great starting point, many business outgrow it rapidly or face the limitations of it. VPS is more stable, secure and provides a great variety of software solutions.

We looked over the VPS solutions of numerous providers and found that the vast majority of the providers offer cheap VPS plans. The only problem with these solutions is that they don't provide enough resources to sustain reliable performance. Even if your business is in the development stage it can face bottlenecks and the primary is the number of CPU cores.

If you can't harness all the resources of your VPS you have to upgrade constantly to a bigger plan or scale your resources. It generates stress, frustration and more costs.

Therefore, we created our Smart Core 8 VPS plan based on a very simple method that is used in shared web hosting. The industrial practice in a shared web hosting environment is to use 8 core CPU on one server for hundreds of web sites with average traffic. We think our innovation can work on the same principle in VPS as has worked in shared web hosting in the last 20 years.

Our Smart Core 8 VPS plan can provide 8 core CPU almost always in the lifetime of the VPS.
We call it fair use based 8 core.


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