MAXER Cloud is an SaaS company that offers VPS and cloud storage services for small and medium businesses and startups. Our VPS and cloud solutions aim to help you, your colleagues and business partners to work as effective as possible.

Our hosting branch, MAXER Hosting Kft. has more than 17 years of experience in the shared hosting market. We implemented our experience and knowledge obtained in the web hosting market in our cloud and VPS solutions as well.

What We Value

First and foremost, we value you and your business!

We know how start ups and small businesses work. We know how much time of planning precedes the initial steps. After all we were a startup once. We created our products so that you will be able to find the most suitable for your business needs and budget.

Our top quality hardware and software implementations facilitate and automate the workflow on your and on our side. We like speed, safe environment, productivity and undisturbed work experience.

If you love that too you will like our services!